Have a soft drink in english

Eduardo   Eduardo, 66

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fecha 02 ene 2022

comienza 18:30 - finaliza 20:00

Hombres y mujeres de 18 a 99 años

Organizador Nivel 2   348


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“EPA” Beer House, Junín 1735 Recoleta

  Punto de encuentro

En la puerta del bar


We are meeting again, this time on Sunday 2nd, January, for a coffee, a beer or a soft drink. We can chat about anything, hobbies, work, study, travel

It is desirable to have an advanced or upper intermediate level of English so as to be able to hold a fluent conversation in the language

The place: “EPA” Beer House, Junín 1735 Recoleta (across from the cemetery) On Sunday at 6:30 pm

For you to make it easy to find the place there is a cow standing on the sidewalk right in front of the entrance to the bar (it’s a black and white real size toy cow)

On the spot we will decide whether to sit at a table on the sidewalk or inside the bar at the far end where there is a patio or backyard

PS: when you sign in please leave your cel number on private message so we can get in touch if needed. Thank you


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Great, see you outside de bar @6:30

+3 días

Hi, sure, welcome to the meeting at 6:30pm. We"ll be expecting you

+3 días

I"m going to EPA. What about the two other members?

+3 días


I’ve just registered for this activity.

Please confirm that is still going on later this afternoon.


+3 días